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  • Detailed Maps—Find it fast! Easily search for your destination on Google Maps, MapQuest, and more.
  • Driving Directions To And From—Get turn-by-turn driving directions to guide you to your destination.
  • Live Traffic Reports—Plan your fastest route, get up-to-the-minute traffic updates, or check subway schedules!
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Product Description:

On those occasions where your navigation skills fall short, count on MapsGalaxy™ to save the day.

MapsGalaxy™ puts all your navigation needs in one convenient browser addon. Easily search maps and satellite images and find any location on the planet, any time!

MapsGalaxy™ also gives you turn-by-turn driving directions. Check the traffic before you leave, and MapsGalaxy™ can even help you plan the best route to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Don’t know what you’re looking for? MapsGalaxy™ has convenient Web search and Yellow Pages® built right in! You can search for your location without ever leaving the site you’re on.

You can also choose from a selection of tools that make your life easier—world clocks, calendars, converters and more!

MapsGalaxy™ is even integrated with Facebook. Tell your friends where you are headed, and check their status to see if they’re on their way as well!

With MapsGalaxy™ toolbar, you won’t ever have to rely on landmarks or vague directions again. Find where you’re going, fast & easy with MapsGalaxy™.

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  • Get there fast with turn-by-turn directions & route customization.

    Get directions

  • Find businesses & more with instant access to Yellow Pages.

    Search Yellow Pages

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  1. JennieLy28 says: I was tired of having to look at Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or MapQuest just to figure out if I was getting the right directions. Now instead of looking up each set of driving directions and maps with each service, I can just see them all at once with MapsGalaxy.
  2. Billy Anders says: This is the best driving route planner! You can even use it as an NYC subway trip planner by looking up subway schedules and maps—it can be a lifesaver! Now I’ll never get lost with the accurate directions from one address to another
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