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Do you ever wish you could know it all? Well, for those of us who can’t have an entire library in their brains, there’s ReferenceBoss™ toolbar.

ReferenceBoss™ is a browser add-on for when you need to know anything. You can get answers to nearly any question in just seconds.

The all-in-one ReferenceBoss™ toolbar is the powerful desktop resource that gives you easy access to trusted resources like Wikipedia®,®,®, and much more.

ReferenceBoss™ features helpful resources like a language translator and access to online encyclopedias and dictionaries. ReferenceBoss™ also includes convenient web search built right into the toolbar.

So if you’re student, history buff, or lover of trivia knowledge, ReferenceBoss™ is a must-have tool for you. With ReferenceBoss™ toolbar, you may never have to say “I don’t know” ever again!

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