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  • All-In-One Resource—Convenient access to helpful desktop accessories like calculator, 2014 calendar with holidays, URL shortener & more!
  • Avoid Typos—Free dictionary and spell-check tool helps you catch embarrassing mistakes before they happen.
  • Translate Anything—Easily translate words & phrases from over 50 languages; figure out currency exchange rates easily.
  • It’s FREE! No registration required to access this amazing desktop reference resource.
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  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista
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Safe & Secure Download

Product Description:

Do you find yourself looking all over your computer and the Web to find simple things, like a calculator, a printable 2014 calendar, or a dictionary?

Stop running yourself ragged because UtilityChestTM can help you find resources, reference materials, and utilities in one convenient browser add on.

UtilityChest™ gives you a host of useful features, including:

Math Calculator—Perform simple math equations, scientific calculations, or just balance your checkbook.

Converter—Convert currency, length, volume, temperature, shorter a URL, and much more with one easy click.

Calendar—Get a free printable 2014 calendar with holidays and keep track of all your special events.

Free Dictionary & Language Translator—Search the meaning of a word, or translate a word, phrase, or sentence quickly.

RecipeFinder—Find quick meal ideas right in your browser!

Weather & Maps—Check the forecast in your area without ever leaving your browser window.

Convenient Web Search—Get quick search results with an enhanced Ask.com Web search tool.

UtilityChest™ has it all! You can find almost anything you need, and you don’t even need to leave your browser window!

UtilityChest™ Screenshots and Video

  • Choose from 3 different types of calculators.

    3 different types of calculators.

  • Convert measurements, currency & temperature easily.

    Convert currency & measurements.

  • Desktop calendar makes planning easy!

    Desktop calendar.

  • Check what time it is around the globe.

    Check time around the globe.

  • Check the local weather report on your desktop.

    Check the local weather report.

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