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For the book enthusiast on the go, audiobooks have become an indispensable way to experience great literature without having to stop everything else you are doing to pick up a book and read. With iHeartAudioBooks™ you can download free audio books to your computer to listen to them there, or easily export them to any handheld device. Each book download is safe and secure, and when you download free books, you get the full version of each title!

Download books free from some of your favorite authors and hear audio books free. Your free book download is fast and free, and if you don’t know what you want to read, there are resources to recommend titles. If you download books often, there are also reviews of the latest titles, so you can find out what the critics have to say before you download book titles.

If you like to download books online free, iHeartAudioBooks™ is a must-have add-on. You can download talking books free and hear the sweet, soothing sounds of someone reading to you. If you would rather hear your book than have even a free ebook download, iHeartAudioBooks™ will give you hours of literary entertainment.

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