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  • Pictogame—Animate your pictures or turn them into personalized online games to play with your friends.
  • Photo Editor—Apply photo effects like instagram filters and photo booth effects. Share with friends on Facebook!
  • Zombifier—Turn your friends into zombies and create scary photo collages with this fun photo software.
  • It’s FREE—No registration required to get this must-have photo editing resource.
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  • File Size: 1.57MB
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  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista
  • Price: FREE
Safe & Secure Download

Product Description:

Do you want to edit photo albums, but don’t have a reliable photo editor? What if we told you that you don’t need software to edit photo files? With PhotoFriendzy™ you get free picture editor software without having to download a whole software suite. By simply installing PhotoFriendzy™ you get free photo editor software that is all hosted online, you just have to upload the picture you want to edit, and all the tools are right there on an external website.

In addition to the free photo editing software, PhotoFriendzy™ also has fun games that allow you to put yours and your friends’ faces into the game, creating a personal experience. You can animate your pictures and personalize games, and then play them online for free!

Another fun tool provided by PhotoFriendzy™ is the Zombifier! Simply upload a file, then use the built-in interface to turn pictures of your friends and loved ones into creepy portraits of the un-dead. Turn one person into a zombie, or zombify a batch of photos to make a collage showing off your friendly zombie horde.

With PhotoFriendzy™ free picture editing software you can do everything from small changes to inserting funny graphics into your photos, all without a photo editor download. Simply install PhotoFriendzy™ and you will be customizing your pictures in no time!

PhotoFriendzy™ Screenshots

  • Play a variety of customizable games that use your photos to put you and your friends in the game!

    Play Fun Photo Games

  • Edit, resize, touch up, and add fun graphics to your photo without downloading software.

    Free Online Photo Editor

  • Turn your friends into undead creatures of the night with just a few clicks!


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