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  • 3D Screensavers: full 3D effects will dazzle your eyes
  • Nature Scenes: turn your computer's desktop into a window with a view
  • Animal Themes: get tons of dogs, cats, birds, and more for your computer
  • FREE Download: download as many screensavers and wall papers, we'll never charge you
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  • File Size: 1.57MB
  • Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista
  • Price: FREE
Safe & Secure Download

Product Description:

Back in the day of big, boxy computer monitors, leaving an inactive screen up for too long could cause a “ghost image” to become imprinted on a monitor. Nowadays, with LCD displays, image burn is no longer a concern, but many of us have gotten used to some kind of motion on our screens when we’re inactive.

We’ve come a long way since the days of the flying toasters, and nowadays screensavers are another means of customizing your computer’s look and feel.

Popular Screensavers™ provides a large and ever-changing collection of screensavers and wallpapers that can be used to dress up your computer’s display and beautify your desktop. For the more fickle computer users, you have enough options to have a different wallpaper or screensaver every day for the better part of a year.

From 3D art to animation to animals, and everything in between, Popular Screensavers™ has the screensaver and wallpaper you’ve been looking for, all neatly categorized and ready for download – all for FREE! Download now and see for yourself.

Popular Screensavers™ Screenshots

  • Pick all the screensavers you want to keep for your computer, and preview them with one click before installing.

    Free Screensavers

  • Customize the look of your desktop by installing a new hi-res wallpaper on your desktop.

    Desktop Wallpapers

  • In addition to wallpapers and screensavers, get free eCards to send to family & friends from this handy toolbar.

    Free eCards

  • Find out your version and get help with one click right from the toolbar.

    Easy To Use

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