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Music tastes can vary from country music to rock and roll to concerto classical—everybody’s different. But with RadioRage™ all-in-one add on, you can satisfy everyone!

RadioRage™ gives you one-click access to all the hottest bands and artists, including a wide variety of streaming Internet radio stations and music videos.

With RadioRage™’s vast lyrics database, you will always know all the words to your favorite songs too.

RadioRage™ also gives you access to, which gives you recommendations on music, concerts, and radio stations. Discover new music while listening to the stuff you love!

You can also get the latest news on the most-talked about in music with the latest industry headlines. Keep up on all your favorite artists and bands, and know the hottest news as it happens.

With RadioRage™ browser add on, you can have convenient one-click access to your favorite music, as well as the Web. Rock out with RadioRage™ today!

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  • Listen to all your favorite Internet radio stations.

    Stream Internet radio stations

  • Know all the words to the songs with convenient song lyric search.

    Get song lyrics

  • Keep up on all the latest news & gossip for your favorite artists.

    Latest news on artists & music industry

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  1. Arush P. says: Great way to listen to music. It has everything.
  2. raquelraqs says: My go-to when streaming music. Forget all the other options—RadioRage is the best!

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