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When it comes to watching TV on your computer, there are plenty of options to choose from. But why make it hard on yourself when TelevisionFanatic™ offers you a convenient way to watch it all!

TelevisionFanatic™ is a television entertainment browser add on that lets you access Hulu®, YouTube®, and dozens of other entertainment sources—all in one convenient place. Think of it like a remote control on your computer screen!

TelevisionFanatic™ has a simple interface that even allows for easy Web search without ever leaving your current browser page. Need to know the name of an actor, the latest contestants on American Idol, or find a TV schedule for the next airing of an episode? It’s easy to find out with TelevisionFanatic™!

Did you fall behind on your television watching for the week? TelevisionFanatic™ lets you watch recaps of new TV shows, and find TV schedule listings with Zap2It®.

With TelevisionFanatic™, you can watch all your favorite TV shows without the expensive price of cable television—and all from the convenience of your computer or portable media device!

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  • Watch Hulu TV & videos without leaving your browser window.

    Watch Hulu TV

  • Stream live sports broadcasts straight to your desktop

    Stream live sports broadcasts

  • Watch all your favorite shows from top networks

    Watch network & cable shows

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  1. I_LOVE_TV says: I love TV, but I hate paying the high prices of cable. TVFanatic makes sure I never miss any episodes of my favorite shows.
  2. Bill B. says: TV watching has never been so simple! From sports to the latest dramas and comedies—it’s all there!

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