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If you don’t have CouponXplorer™, you could be missing out of huge savings!

Whether it’s groceries or gadgets, CouponXplorer™ browser addon gives you the fastest access to free stuff, coupons, and all the the hottest deals on the Web. Find products and services from the nation’s top retailers.

CouponXplorer™ is an all-in-one resource that also provides you with convenient, money-saving alerts. Find the top deals on the Web sites you visit most, get an online coupon or store coupons, and start saving on all your favorite brands!

For even more savings, CouponXplorer™ gives you coupon code resources for instant online savings—including a lot of freebies!

Still want more savings? CouponXplorer™ also gives you access to printable coupons from their wide selection of partners including grocery coupons and department store coupons.

The best part? You don’t have to pay for any of these deals. CouponXplorer™ is absolutely free!

So what are you waiting for—start saving your hard-earned cash today!

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  • Find all the latest deals on your favorite items, in-store and online.

    Find all the latest deals!

  • Get daily updates from Groupon, which equals more savings!

    Daily updates from Groupon

  • Search the Web, get weather updates and much more.

    Search the Web with ease

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