Instant Lottery Results & Prizes In A Convenient Toolbar

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Do you frequently daydream about winning the lottery? With YourLocalLotto™, it’s now easier to find out if that daydream is actually a reality!

YourLocalLotto™ is a convenient, all-in-one resource for all the latest local lottery numbers and prize results. You can find your state’s lotto numbers, Powerball®, Megamillions®, and much more—all in one click!

YourLocalLotto™ also gives you more chances to win—you can play fun games and giveaway that could result in winnings and prizes.

Did you find out you’re a winner with YourLocalLotto™? Sharing the good news with friends and family is easier than ever with this browser addon! YourLocalLotto™ connects with your Facebook account.

You could be a winner today! YourLocalLotto is free—no registration is required. Take advantage of this all-in-one toolbar’s instant lotto results & convenient web search.

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  • Lotto numbers & prize results for all your local games & more.

    Get lotto numbers & prize results

  • Watch the latest & most popular YouTube videos.

    Watch popular videos

  • Pick your area & get results to local, state lotto games.

    Customize game results

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