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  • Get Pro Tips: Access our knowledge base for tips on improving net speed.
  • Listen To Free Radio: Use your speedy, improved internet to listen to streaming radio.
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Safe & Secure Download

Product Description:

If your computer or internet router is more than a year old, chances are you’ve noticed that your internet speed might not be what it once was. Luckily for you, rather than paying money for a one-time ping test, bandwidth test, or other speed test, you can download InternetSpeedTracker™ for free and find out how to improve your internet connection speed.

InternetSpeedTracker™ is a resource that can give pointers on how to test internet speed regardless of your type of connection. You can test ADSL, run a DSL speedtest, broadband speed test, or even a charter speed test. There are a number of free tools to check internet speed with a simple internet test. Your net speed may be affected by your carrier, by malware on your computer, or simply by the age of your machine.

The broadband speed checker will show you a speedometer for your netspeed, and you can analyze the results of the speedtest to determine if it is time for a new internet provider, a new modem, or a new computer. But InternetSpeedTracker™ doesn’t just check your DSL speed, it provides professional tips, as well as quick links to both online radio and up-to-the-minute weather updates!

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  • Learn all the best practices to get the most out of your existing internet connection.

    Network Speed Tips

  • With your newfound internet connection speed, you can listen to free streaming online radio.

    Online Radio

  • Get free weather updates and forecasts right in your browser as well.

    Weather Updates

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