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  • Find Deals—Access Craigslist®, local classifieds, and Ebay™ to find local deals.
  • Eat Local—Get local dining recommendations, find new local restaurants, and order local food delivery.
  • Real Estate—Search leads on home listings and rental opportunities in your neighborhood.
  • It's FREE! Find freebies and savings around you right in your browser at no cost!
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  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista
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Product Description:

What could be better than a free tool to help you save money? With DailyLocalGuide™ you will find out about deals, freebies, and more–all in your neighborhood. It’s not every day a web-based tool encourages you to get away from the computer, but this handy resource provides links and resources that will save you money at retailers and restaurants in your city.

With links to classifieds, coupon sites, and local restaurant listings, DailyLocalGuide™ will introduce you to all sorts of deals and freebies right in your own back yard. So whether you have lived in a city for most of your life, or if you’re a newcomer hoping to find some of the local gems, they can be one click away with a little help from this toolbar.

For value-minded consumers as well as people who choose to support their local economy, you’ll really appreciate all the options you can find. If you don’t want to shop, DailyLocalGuide™ can also help you find rentals and homes for sale, personals, and all sorts of other links to local events both free and paid.

DailyLocalGuide™ Screenshots

  • Find listings for local sales, services, and freebies from classified ads.

    Local Classifieds

  • Use your computer to find ways to save money in your neighborhood with coupons and local specials.

    Local Deals

  • Get alerts on free local events and entertainment happening in your area.

    Local Events and Entertainment

  • Find out about great local restaurants you might not know about, or use online ordering and get delivery.

    Local Dining

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